About Us

Taylored Flooring, a family run importer and wholesaler of specific high quality flooring was established in 1998 by Chris and Tracey Taylor.

Our wood is carefully sourced internationally from companies respectful to the environment. Our comprehensive range includes Solid Oak flooring, Timberwise Engineered flooring from Finland - a sustainable PEFC certified product and Eco-Friendly BamFloor ® Solid Bamboo flooring from Asia.

We pride ourselves in our end to end Customer Service, including appropriate fitting of our products and our commitment to Customer Satisfaction.

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BamFloor® is a contemporary, attractive and durable flooring product. Its unique appearance and structural qualities have now moved solid bamboo flooring from a narrow niche market, favoured by cutting-edge architects, high-end designers and eco-conscious consumers, into the public domain.

BamFloor® Solid Bamboo flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available. It is fast growing as it reaches full size within the first year. However, it is only after 4 years that the mature plants develop the strength required to produce BamFloor ®.

When the mature bamboo is harvested, it is cut above the root and not fully extracted from the ground. This way, the roots regenerate and new bamboo quickly grows back.

BamFloor® is a panda friendly product. We ensure that our raw materials only come from areas which are not panda habitats.

The adhesive used for bonding BamFloor ® conforms to E-1 standard, thus meeting (or exceeding) European standards for interior use.

All BamFloor® flooring is coated with T lacquer, a hard wearing textured surface, providing a less slippery, none gloss finish. BamFloor ® is hygienic and safe to use in all settings, including hospitals and schools. The horizontal pressed bamboo with its offset joint construction ensures greater strength and stability.